Our main product line, The Great Aire Comfort System is a direct exchange ground coupled heat pump designed to eliminate many of the drawbacks experienced by conventional heat pump systems. This system uses copper tubes placed deep within the ground to utilize the constant temperature of the earth as a source or sink of heat to be transferred to a circulating refrigerant. Depending upon the direction of flow of the refrigerant and the operating pressure of the cycle, the unit can be used to either perform heating or air conditioning functions.

There are three primary components to an operational system: the earth taps which serve as the direct source of heat exchange with the ground, the compressor unit which regulates the flow of refrigerant through the system, and the air handler where the air sent into the house is conditioned. In order to maximize efficiency and thermal capacity, the refrigerant heatexchange fluid undergoes a phase change underground. This necessitates that the cycle be able to control theflow rates of both liquid and vapor simultaneously.