The beginning of the geothermal phenomena begins when the Sun’s rays heat up the surface of the Earth. This energy is then retained in the Earth’s crust. In a way, you can think of the Earth as a giant heat storage battery.

It was discovered that approximately 15 feet below the surface of the Earth, the ground temperature remains at a constant temperature year round. This temperature can vary based on location, but let’s take the Philadelphia area for example. The ground temperature below Philadelphia remains 53 degrees all year. This temperature is a relatively cool temperature compared to the air temperature during the summer months when we need to cool our homes, offices and factories. This temperature is also fairly warm during the winter months when we need to heat these same buildings.

This information forms the foundation of The Great Aire Comfort System™; allowing you to efficiently heat and cool your home. To learn more about how this renewable, inexhaustible source of energy translates into the most comfortable indoor temperatures and lower heating and cooling bills continue to the "What Is Advanced Geothermal" section.

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