What makes Advanced Geothermal Technology™ unique happens outside the home. We need to take heat out of the ground, and we need to be deep in the earth so that the ground temperature doesn’t change adversely with the seasons. In order to achieve this, copper tubing is placed deep into the ground. This tubing is then connected to the compressor assembly and charged with refrigerant. This system, depending on the season, will then distribute warm or cool air throughout your home via a central forced air system.

The Great Aire Comfort System™ utilizes the naturally occurring temperature of the Earth to provide heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. During the heating mode, The Great Aire Comfort System™ pumps liquid refrigerant into the ground through the copper tubing. As the liquid refrigerant travels through the ground, the heat from the ground is absorbed by the refrigerant. This causes the liquid refrigerant to vaporize. The vapor refrigerant is then compressed into high temperature gas and transferred into the air handler. Air from your home passes across the air coil, which transfers the heat from the high temperature refrigerant to the air that is distributed throughout the house. The gas is then condensed back to a liquid and the cycle starts again.

During the cooling cycle the refrigerant reverses direction and the heat from your home is distributed to the cooler ground where it is absorbed. The end result is a cool, comfortable environment in the hot summer months.

An important aspect to note about this cycle, is that all energy is reused: the heat displaced from the warm summer air is stored underground to heat your home in the cold winter months. This differs greatly from a central air conditioning system, which discharges the heat into the air outside the home, where it is lost forever.

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