Its human nature to have reservations about the quality of comfort The Great Aire Comfort System™ can provide – is it too good to be true?… Can a system that is going to lower your heating and cooling fuel bills forever truly work to your satisfaction? With The Great Aire Comfort System™, you sacrifice nothing. In fact, The Great Aire Comfort System™ delivers a more comfortable indoor environment compared to any other heating and cooling system. Here are a couple reasons why:

Longer Run Cycles
As a consequence of the design of conventional fuel heating systems, they have to deliver hot air in short, high temperature blasts in order to adjust the cold air of your home to an intermediate temperature. These heat blasts are normally in the range of 120 to 130 degrees and can cause large fluctuations in temperature inside your home – its too cool when
they don’t occur, and the temperature spikes when they do.

The Great Aire Comfort System™ is not bound to the same flawed design principles of a conventional system. Thus, it is able to provide warm air for longer run cycles – which in turn, allows your home to remain at constant, comfortable temperature without all of the fluctuation.

Humidity Control
The Great Aire Comfort System™ also outperforms central air systems when it comes to cooling. One way in which it does this is by removing water from the air it cools, eliminating any uncomfort caused by humid, muggy air. This occurs because The Great Aire Comfort System™ operates with a much cooler coil in the air handler, compared to a central air conditioning system. This lower temperature is well below the dew point causing any moisture in the air to condensate and drain out of the system. Voila: less humid air.

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