The Great Aire Comfort System™ is the best way to your reduce home, office building or factory’s energy bill. As soon as you install this system you will no longer need to pay for fuel to heat or cool your home. It's true, the energy you obtain from the ground is completely free. There are only two expenses that this system requires from you: an initial installation cost and electricity bill to make it run.

An Air Conditioning and Heating System Which Pays for Itself
Its a simple truth, to set up The Great Aire Comfort System™ for your home takes a little more labor than installing a heating and cooling system. There is conventional drilling and ground work that must be done by our team of professionals in order to turn your backyard into a free energy source. But, by making this upfront investment in The Great Aire Comfort System™, you liberate yourself from paying another heating and cooling fuel bill for the rest of the time you own your home.

We have found that most of our customers have been paid back for this upfront investment in the first handful of years they own their system in the form of having a reduced energy bill. Every year after that investment is paid off is simply money in the bank. This simple process of The Great Aire Comfort System™ retuning money to your pocket is guaranteed to become more beneficial as fuel prices continue to rise in the coming months and years.

Costs to Run the System
Although the heat you obtain from the Earth is free, it does cost money to move it from below the surface of the ground to the comfort of your home. However, it’s a lot cheaper to move than it is to buy. Suppose you are using fuel oil for heating, and electricity for hot water and air conditioning. In a cold month your electric bill is $100 and the fuel oil bill is $600. With The Great Aire Comfort System™ your electric bill may go up to $250, but you would no longer have an oil bill. Which would you rather pay, $100+$600, or $250?

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