If you have been clicking around other areas of the site, you probably are already excited about The Great Aire Comfort System’s™ ability to keep your home or business comfortable year round, while saving you money in the process. But there is more to be excited about.

As an owner of The Great Aire Comfort System™, you can have the added benefit of knowing that you are stemming the use of fossil fuels and reducing hydrocarbon emissions as well as greenhouse gasses. In addition, since the Earth absorbs an average of 47% of our Sun’s energy everyday, geothermal energy is 100% renewable without human intervention. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy determined that geothermal energy has the lowest environmental impact of all heating systems.

With The Great Aire Comfort System™ overall energy consumption and emissions are reduced up to 70%, compared to traditional heating and cooling methods. The compressor and circulating fan are the only components of the system that consume energy. In fact, this system works so efficiently that the Environmental Protection Agency includes geothermal heat pumps as part of the EnergyStar® program.

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